Brown sugar, made in Switzerland.

Until now Brown Sugar, as we know it, has only been available in Switzerland as an imported product. AJ’s Brown Sugar is made in Switzerland using only the finest, all natural ingredients, purchased from Swiss distributors.

Unlike cane sugar, AJ’s Brown Sugar has the consistency of packable sand castle sand and its own flavor. The difference when using Brown Sugar instead of cane sugar is in the consistency and flavor of the resulting cooked and baked goods. With cookies, for example, they retain their “fresh out of the oven” state for a longer period of time instead of becoming hard and crumbly after cooling.

Original, American recipes with brown sugar

Using AJ’s Brown Sugar in your baking recipes helps them stay soft and moist for longer, and also adds a richness to the flavor. Brown Sugar is a must for the English speaking cuisine. AJ’s Brown Sugar’s wonderful aromatic flavor elevates almost any recipe requireing crystal sugar.

Any questions?

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