Our Story

Everything Started in 1990

A piece of Home

My mother traveled from the U.S. to Switzerland in 1990 because of a job offer. This was soon to become her new home. One of her fondest memories from her childhood was baking with her grandparents. She passed this joy on to me and my sister.

We baked a lot as children and always used her grandparents’ baking utensils, which she was allowed to take with her to Switzerland. To make the baking experience perfect, however, we were always missing an important ingredient: Brown Sugar. At that time, we had the brown sugar imported at great expense or simply had to bake the recipe with white granulated sugar. It just wasn’t the same.

We knew that AJ’s Brown Sugar, made in Switzerland would bring joy to the hearts of many baking enthusiasts, so we endeavored to do just that. We are still in the start-up phase and just getting started with real production, but AJ’s Bio Brown Sugar using all Organic ingredients is becoming a dream come true. AJs Bio Brown Sugar will soon be available to all homes in Switzerland. Stores that carry AJ’s Brown Sugar continue to order larger quantities. We know you will love it as much as we do.

The people behind Aj’s Sugar

The Heart of Aj’s Brown Sugar

We are a small family business, in which currently only my mother and I are active. People often ask us what “AJ” stands for. This represents the first letters of the names of my sister Alex and me, Jenny. In collaboration with Manifaktur GmbH, we have started the production of our AJ’s Bio Brown Sugar. We will certainly be expanding our team in the near future and thank everyone involved in helping to make a real business out of our dream.

Questions are there to ask.

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