AJ’s Organic Brown Sugar

The finest blend of sugar beet and sugar cane.

A piece of America from Switzerland

Brown Sugar is a very important ingredient in many American, Canadian, British, South African, Australian, Dutch, Indian and Asian recipes. This type of Brown Sugar is not to be confused with cane sugar or raw sugar. Unlike raw sugar, brown sugar is moist and very compact, it resembles the properties of sand castle sand. This is due to the fact that during production, molasses, which is a by-product, is introduced back into the sugar. This also adds valuable minerals from the molasses to the sugar. Brown Sugar also has a very distinct, rich-malty flavor of its own, which again distinguishes it from cane sugar. In the past, this unique type of sugar had to be imported by specialty stores. We want you to come to know and love our Swiss made AJ’s Bio Brown Sugar as we do.

all raw materials from Swiss distributors

100% Organic AJ’s Brown Sugar

produced in Bern

Highest quality production

Thanks to Manifakur GmbH we are able to produce AJ’s Brown Sugar 100% organically. We are certified according to Swiss organic regulations.



Sugar*, molasses*

*controlled organic farming, purchased only from Swiss sources

Average nutritional values per 100 g.
  • Energy value:

    1683 kJ / 396 kcal

  • Total fat:

    0 g

  • Carbohydrates:

    99 g

  • Protein:

    0.1 g

  • Calcium:

    24 mg

  • Iron:

    3 mg

  • Potassium:

    82 mg

  • Magnesium:

    8 mg

  • Phosphorus:

    4 mg


AJ’s Bio Brown Sugar is packaged in a time tested resealable, airtight and lightproof pouch to guarantee maximum freshness and quality. Brown Sugar, when left to the elements will dry quickly and become very hard. This hard sugar is still usable but is very difficult to measure and to mix evenly into batter. Our carefully selected pouches help keep your AJ’s Bio Brown Sugar perfectly fresh and soft. We have also opted for the zip closure here, to maintain this freshness even after it has been opened.
AJ’s Bio Brown Sugar – For the love of baking 🙂

100% lightproof
Stays fresh for at least 1 year.

Unopened AJ’s Bio Brown Sugar, retains its freshness and quality in our AJ’s Bio Brown Sugar pouch, for at least one year.  But don’t worry, the sugar is still edible even after the best-before date (or MHD) has passed. As the best-before date indicates until which day the best quality is guaranteed. Unlike the expiration date, which indicates until when a product can still be safely consumed.