Brown Sugar
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Rich in Minerals

How many sugars do you know that give you some of the daily minerals you need? We had AJ Brown Sugar tested, and here are the results for one kilo of AJ Brown Sugar.
  • Calcium (CA)       500 mg/kg
  • Iron (FE)               12 mg/kg
  • Potassium (K)       1100 mg/kg
  • Magnesium (Mg)  160 mg/kg
  • Phosphorus (P)      34 mg/kg

New reclosable packaging


New reclosable packaging. We loved the brown bags, but the sugar became hard as stone after 3 months in one of them. So we had to find a practical solution. Now we have found a new zip lock bag made of PET 12 plastic. Of course, we hope the AJ Brown Sugar will stay nice and fresh in the new wrapping for a good long time.

searching for distributors


We are always searching for distributors and stores that will add AJ Brown Sugar to their assortment. If you are interested please contact us.

Available in Goldau


Available in Goldau
AJ Brown Sugar is currently being sold at the farm store Hirschfarm in Goldau, Canton Schwyz.

Buosigenstrasse 3
CH-6410 Goldau
Tip for all you working people: the store is closed on Saturday, but open on Sunday. The store is semi closed in Winter, if the sign at the street says "offen" a sign on the store will say to ring the doorbell at the house. You can always call ahead as well.
Please see their website for more information

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