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AJ Brown Sugar

We have chosen to produce AJ Brown Sugar in Switzerland, because we love brown sugar!

The international community continues to grow, perhaps you have thought about how you could best serve this market. By adding AJ Brown Sugar to your store you can attract these customers, they are looking for just this type of moist packable brown sugar.
Many American, British, Dutch, Indian and Asian recipes require brown sugar to prepare. This unique sugar
has been imported by specialty shops in the past. Our mission is to bring real brown sugar to grocery stores in Switzerland at affordable prices. We are just getting started so we are focused on quality and production.
Our goal is to keep the quality high, and sell our brown sugar at continually lower costs as production rises so that all Swiss homes will have it and come to love it as we do.

Brown sugar tastes, smells, looks and feels different to other sugars, it is unique. We have even had our sugar tested for minerals, and have listed the fabulous results on the news page.

AJ Brown sugar has the same shelf life as crystal sugar, if sealed tightly and stored in a dry place. Tip: You can keep AJ Brown Sugar in the refrigerator or freezer, to help keep it from drying out and getting hard.

We are also happy to produce 100% organic AJ Brown Sugar on special order.

Some of our favorite recipes that use AJ Brown Sugar are Appelbollen (Dutch dessert), Apple pie and turnovers, Barbecue sauce, Chocolate chip cookies, Lebkuchen, Peanut butter cookies, and Pumpkin pie are listed for you under the Recipe section. We hope you enjoy the recipes as much as we do.